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The Faces Behind Make Me Shake

The Faces Behind Make Me Shake


First, we want to tell you that we, the founders of Make Me Shake, are a couple. We don't want to create some elaborate romantic story about how we met. We met on Tinder. Did the two of us think we would have found our life partner by swiping while on the toilet? Not at all. But there's always that one poop that changes your life. 

Our relationship was a long-distance one in the beginning, and we had to come up with creative ways to stay connected when we're thousands of miles apart. This is when we started to take a closer look into how we can keep the connection alive when we're alone. 

By having to spice things up with a distance between us, we learned the importance of self-pleasure and sex toys. Yes, sex toys. 

Whether you have a partner or you're single, it gets boring. Masturbating, one-night stands, or having sex with your partner for the 300th time - some of us keep on the endless search for an orgasm. 

But the orgasm is taboo, no matter the science behind it. You just can't talk about it. This inspired us to create our own space where we can openly talk about what matters: connection. 


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